Information for Parents

Term Dates 2016
Term 1 3rd February 8th April
Term 2 26th April 1st July
Term 3 18th July 23rd September
Term 4 10th October 21st December

Student Free Days

  • 2nd February
  • 8th April
  • 21st October

Provision of Information

It is a requirement of the Education Department that when you enrol a child in a school for the first time specific information needs to be provided.   Students are able to attend school while this information is being collected. However, after 30 days the matter will be referred to the Department for attention.   Information required is:

  • Evidence of student’s date of birth and identity
  • Information about vaccination status.

Students under the age of 18 must provide any one of the following original documents

  • Birth Certificate
  • Current Australian or foreign passport or visa
  • Citizenship papers
  • DIMIA issued travel documents including a visa
  • DIMIA Certificate of Evidence of Resident Status

Vaccination details can be supplied by either:

  • Student’s Personal Health Record booklet
  • A doctor’s or council’s signed information on letterhead
  • A printout from the Childhood Immunisation Register

School Hours

  • Students should be at school by 8:50 am.
  • The morning time is our literacy and numeracy block and this is key learning time – children who come late miss out on important instructions.
  • Recess is from 10:25 am – 10:50 am
  • Lunch is from 12:40 pm – 1:30 pm
  • School finishes at 2:50 pm each day.

School Uniform Policy

It is expected that all students wear full school uniform from Prep to Grade 6.
The school has a winter and summer uniform and all long lasting, hard wearing products are available from the school based uniform shop
Uniform assistance is available.
School hats are a mandatory requirement during Term 1 and Term 4

Move Well ,Eat Well, Think Well Policy

Healthy eating and physical activity are associated with improved learning and concentration, better mood and behaviour, healthy growth and weight and lifelong health and wellbeing. At Invermay Primary we aim to educate students and their families in their understanding of the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle. We actively promote strategies that enable students to make responsible decisions about their health and wellbeing, allowing them to develop healthy habits to live, learn grow and play, now and in the future.
In support of our aims we have written information & brochures on healthy drink choices, healthy lunchboxes, healthy snacks and promoting more active play. Currently our school canteen has bronze ‘Cool Canteen’ accreditation and provides students on a Thursday and Friday with healthy recess and lunch options.

Allergy Aware School Policy

Students are asked not to bring any nut products (e.g. peanut butter, nutella) or raw egg products in their lunch boxes. We also ask that children who have peanut butter for breakfast on school days please wash their hands thoroughly and clean their teeth before coming to school. Our paramount concern is for the safety and well being for all children in our care. Teachers will do everything they can to assist, reinforcing the policy through class discussions and at assemblies. Should parents wish to discuss this issue with senior staff, please feel to do so.

Sun Smart School

Invermay Primary is a Sun Smart school. The ‘no hat, no play’ policy is enforced during first and last terms.

ICT Acceptable Use Agreement

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) includes the use of computers, laptops, the school network, the Internet, digital/video cameras and scanners.
At Invermay Primary School computers are used to enhance teaching and learning in several ways: for communicating with other people, for publishing students’ work, for research and learning basic skills.

The rules we follow at Invermay Primary School when using computers expect that students will:
General Use

  1. Use time effectively and complete set tasks when using ICTs.
  2. Work co-operatively
  3. Take care of the schools hardware and software.
  4. Only use school software
  5. Start and shut-down the computers correctly.
  6. Not use the school’s equipment for anything which is against the law, or which would inconvenience other people; for example
    • Printing more copies than needed
    • Downloading large files which slow down the network
    • Changing the setting on computers
  7. Log off the computer when I have finished my work
  8. Keep password/s private, and not seek the passwords of others.
  9. Only work on their own work and store it in designated folder/files or on my own removable storage media, USB stick..
  10. Be aware that viruses can be spread between computers through e-mail
Students in Grade 4 and above are required to sign this agreement.
Internet Use
  1. Only access web sites that are relevant to the information I need.
  2. Click the Home button and tell my teacher immediately if they see or hear anything on a web site that is inappropriate
  3. Use e-mail, forum boards or supervised chat rooms and send messages that are polite and sensible.
  4. Not give out any personal information about myself or others unless I have permission from a teacher. eg. name, address, phone number, parents names etc…
  5. Tell a teacher immediately if I receive any messages that I do not like
  6. Know that the school may check my computer files and may monitor the Internet sites I visit
  7. Not copy other people’s work into my work, and call it my own. This includes pictures and information I find on the Internet and CD-ROMs.
As a responsible ICT users at Invermay Primary School students need to follow the above rules. If they break any of these rules, then they will be unable to use the computers at school.



If your child/children are going to be away, or are sick, it would be appreciated if you could contact the school by 9:15 am either by phone 6331 8371, the Skoolbag App absence form or SMS 0427 016 460. Attendances are done at this time daily, and to ensure that correct information is entered into the database, your explanations are critical.


Assemblies are held regularly (refer to the weekly newsletter for further details) commencing at 2:00 pm in the Hall. Parents are most welcome and are encouraged to attend.

Mobile Phones

Invermay Primary has an Acceptable Use Policy for mobile phones that provides students, parents and teachers with guidelines and instructions for the appropriate use of mobile phones during school hours. (including during school excursions, camps and extra-curricular activities) Permission to have a mobile phone at school, while under the school’s supervision, is contingent upon parent\guardian permission in the form of a signed copy of the Acceptable Use Policy form.

Student Banking

Student banking is available each Friday. Children can bring along their bank books and money which will be deposited into their accounts. If you do not currently have an account with the Commonwealth Bank, feel free to drop into the school office and pick up a starter pack.