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Year 3 Cook Families


Dear Year 3 Cook Families

Due to an underlying medical condition and the current risk of Covid-19, Mrs Cook has been advised to work from home. This will start from Monday 11th May and at this point we do not have an end date. Mrs Joy Wilmshurst will work with the Year 3’s and she is very familiar with the class. We know that the she will continue to mirror the structures and routines that Mrs Cook would have in place.

Mrs Cook will continue to be involved with the class but in a different capacity. Working from home will include planning, marking, uploading information, check-ins with the class via Microsoft Teams, staying in contact with Mrs Wilmshurst and being involved in staff meetings to stay in touch with the direction and transition planning that we take to work our way through this situation.

We do hope that Mrs Cook will be with us in the near future, however the uncertainty with this pandemic means that we are unable to state a return date. Our commitment will be to inform you as soon as we become aware.

Thank you for your understanding with this matter.

Tony Brazendale

Year 3 Cook Families

Dear Year 3 Cook Families,

As you are aware, clear communication is a strength of our school community. I wanted to inform you of Mrs Cook’s absence for the next two weeks as she works from home.

From the outset I want to say that Mrs Cook is not in quarantine or unwell. Mrs Cook returned from the mainland on the Spirit of Tasmania on Saturday morning, all passengers on that sailing are free to go about their normal lives and Mrs Cook could have come to work today.

Given the unique situation with the arrival time I approached Mrs Cook and asked if she would work from home, this was a school-based decision which was put into place as a mark of respect to our school community, the measure is precautionary and eliminates any doubts or miscommunications that can be started.

The Covid19 pandemic has caused much uncertainty and angst for all members of our community and we are grateful that Mrs Cook understands our positioning as we know that she would have preferred to be at school with her class.

As a school we continue to take each day at a time, we do appreciate the ongoing support of our families and will continue to work with you through these challenging times ahead.



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Please read information in News tab regarding Term 2 schooling for your children. Support our planning by replying to this message or office


School photos have been postponed until second term so we can do the individuals and class photos together. Thanks for your understanding.

Event Cancellations

The Leadership Assembly and Athletic carnival this week have been cancelled as per advice from Department of Education.


your child/ren will not be able to have school photos taken unless we have received your 2020 validation form.

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Please notify the school office or canteen by 10:30am if your child is absent and a Qkr! recess/lunch order has been placed.

If food has been prepared, and we have not received notification, your money will be forfeited.

If notification is received, please make arrangements to redeem the order within 2 weeks.

Call into the canteen or phone and discuss what day you would like the order to be issued or send a note with your child.

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